The Power of the Ascension

Posted by Nick Luken on 5/14/16 7:00 AM

Image: The Ascension of Christ, Gustave Doré.

As a graduating college student, I’ve got a lot to think about. On the one hand, I’m excited to finally be at a point where I don’t have to worry about taking exams, doing homework, or studying. But, on the other hand, I’m pretty nervous about taking on the responsibilities of the “real world.” It’s been a time of mixed emotions for me, and it’s specifically posed a challenge to my faith life.

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Archbishop Fulton Sheen: A Man for Our Times

Posted by Guest Blogger on 5/13/16 7:00 AM

Image: Fulton J. Sheen, 1952. Library of Congress.

"America needs a saint, an American saint…a saint who would be a priest, and preferably a bishop, to prove that sanctity in a nation must begin with the bishops."

—Fulton Sheen, Missions and the World Crisis

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Pope Francis on Mercy

Posted by Diane Houdek on 5/11/16 10:07 PM

Pope Francis blessing a child
Image: Pope Francis blesses a child during a special audience with members of Doctors with Africa at the Vatican May 7. (CNS photo/Tony Gentile, Reuters) 

The following are excerpts from A Year of Mercy: Inspiring Words from Pope Francis, edited by Diane M. Houdek and published by Franciscan Media.

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My Own Money Story

Posted by Heather King on 5/11/16 7:00 AM


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Mother Teresa: A Soon-to-Be Saint

Posted by Guest Blogger on 5/11/16 7:00 AM

Image: Amy Violet.

Mother Teresa was always her own person, startlingly independent, obedient, yet challenging some preconceived notions and expectations. Her own life story includes many illustrations of her willingness to listen to and follow her own conscience, even when it seemed to contradict what was expected.

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Courage in Christ

Posted by Dan Kroger, OFM on 5/10/16 5:00 PM

Courage through grief
Image: Volkan Ölmez.

My great niece died of a cerebral stroke this past weekend. There were no symptoms or warnings; she just collapsed. The best doctors could not save her life.

Anna was a freshman at a Catholic high school in Cincinnati. Naturally, all her peers and friends are distraught. Her parents and her brother are just inconsolable. All of our families are in shock, as are all of Anna’s friends and teachers. What a bright, talented young lady Anna was. She played in the band at the all-boys high school in the same area of town, and was loved by all the students of both schools. She had a bright future and an outstanding personality.

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Religion of the Heart

Posted by David Steindl-Rast on 5/10/16 7:00 AM

Religion of the Heart
Illustration: Sean M. Foster.

It is my conviction that at the core of every religious tradition lies an experience that is accessible to all of us, if we open our hearts to it. The heart of every religion is the religion of the heart.

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My Rosary Story

Posted by Guest Blogger on 5/9/16 10:07 AM

A Rosary story: wikimedia commonsI'll tell you a story about one rosary and let it stand for so very many of these lovely, silent, haunting companions in our pockets and cars and purses and drawers and under pillows and wrapped around the hands of the dead.

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A Mother's Day Reflection by a First-time Mom

Posted by Susan Hines-Brigger on 5/7/16 10:34 PM

First-time Mom with baby sleeping
Image: Laura Lee Moreau.

Nighttime has become sacred for me. I'm not quite sure when it became that way, but it was sometime during my pregnancy. I give thanks each time night comes, for it has become "our" time—time for you and me to celebrate our mother-daughter bond.

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Mother's Day: Her Beauty Is Hiding in Plain Sight

Posted by Guest Blogger on 5/7/16 7:00 AM

Mother and Daughter beauties on Mother's DayImage: John Ottoson.

This Mother's Day, contact a woman in your life who has mothered and mentored you—mom, grandma, an aunt, colleague, or friend—and shower her with love by proving that you see her unique beauty for what it truly is. I'll share a few simple steps for writing her a "beauty letter." It will be the best Mother's Day gift she ever receives.

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