The Beauty of Silence

The Beauty of Silence

Last night as I laid in the yard looking up at the night sky, I saw a shooting star streak straight over head.  Its not the first time I have seen one, in fact the reason I went outside to begin with was to look at them.  It is that time of the year again for the annual return of the Perseids meteor shower.

This time each year, the Earth passes through the debris field of the Swift- Tuttle comet giving us an amazing light show in the night sky.  Some Catholics call this meteor shower “the tears of St. Lawrence” because the dates of the meteor shower coincide each year with the feast day of the saint’s martyrdom (August 10).  Why am I so fascinated with the meteor showers? Because it is a great example of the beauty and power of God’s creation!

Imagine a dust particle about 1 cm in diameter, entering the Earth’s outer atmosphere traveling at speeds up to 136,000 miles per hour and reaching temperatures of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.  That tiny particle glows so bright as it evaporates some 60 miles above the earth, that we are able to see it with the naked eye as it flashes across the night sky.

Every year, I try to take time to see these, but this year I realized for the first time that as awesome and powerful these meteor showers are, they go by without a sound.  Then a thought came to mind as I watched: “If I don’t take the time to stop and look up, I would not even know they were there.”

Later in the evening, I had another thought.  Why it popped into my mind?  I don’t know, but it really got me thinking:

If I don’t open my eyes toward the silence of the night sky, I would miss out on an example of the awesome beauty and power of God’s creation.  If I don’t open my heart toward the silence found with inner peace and tranquility, I would miss out on the awesome beauty and power of God’s love.

***God Bless***


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Michael Glassmeyer is a lifelong Catholic who has spent the past several years examining his own faith and beliefs in an attempt to understand the beliefs and actions of others involving local, state, national, and world events. Michael lives in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, and is married with three children. (@MPGlassmeyer)