Emerging Media

Emerging Media

Franciscan Media has been buzzing lately about emerging media. Simplifying the phrase, emerging media is any form of new media that seems to be gaining momentum in regards to use by persons, organizations and industry. One example would be digital downloads of audiobooks. While audiobooks are not new, the creation and distribution of them for use on devices outside of CD players is relatively new, so it gets the moniker of emerging media.

We think as a subscriber to this e-newsletter, you might be one who tends to check out emerging media. Allow me to give you a brief rundown of what we at Franciscan Media presently produce.  First, our “Saint of the Day” app. Next, our digital audiobooks are available through iTunes, Amazon and through Audible.

Search for one of our three imprints: Franciscan Media, Servant Books, or St. Anthony Messenger Press.

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Matt is the manager of the Media Production Department at Franciscan Media. He serves as executive producer on all audio and video products produced.