Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

Most of us hold on tightly to nearly everything, from our car keys to our children and our professional reputations to our lives. Even when we think we’ve let go of material possessions, we still hold on to less tangible things. And we don’t realize how much this closes us off from others.

Once again, Pope Francis sets a remarkable example of someone who lives without fear because he knows that his life is in God’s hands. In an interview with a Spanish newspaper, he talked about not using the bulletproof popemobile. Calling it a “sardine can,” he didn’t like the way it separated him from his people.

“It’s true that anything could happen, but let’s face it, at my age I don’t have much to lose,” he said.

The joy he obviously gains from mingling with people wherever he goes seems more important to him than the risk involved. His response to a question about how he would like to be remembered showed the humility that we’ve come to expect from this man:

“I have not thought about this,” Pope Francis said. “But I like it when you recall someone and say ‘he was a good guy, he did what he could, and he was not that bad.’ With that, I would be content.”

We could do worse than adopt this attitude!


Photo: Paul Haring, Catholic News Service


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Diane M. Houdek is Digital Editor for Franciscan Media as well as an editor in the book department. She is the author of Lent with St. Francis, Advent with St. Francis and Pope Francis and Our Call to Joy. She is an avid knitter and spinner and shares her home with four rambunctious dogs. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she has tried her hand at urban farming and a host of other pursuits and hobbies.