Laughter: God’s Secret Medicine

Laughter: God’s Secret Medicine

I’m sure you’ve heard the same studies I have concerning the health benefits of laughter. It’s really quite extraordinary. Everything from our psychological state to cardiovascular health is improved—even greatly improved—by what early studies show to be just a few moments of laughter.

In life, including the spiritual life, laughter is good medicine. Try it. Even forced laughter, taking a “fake-it-till-you-make-it” approach, has tremendous benefit. I tried a little experiment on this in terms of my disposition and attitude toward the spiritual life. In the context of prayer, I excused myself with God and just began to laugh. The forced exercise seemed to enliven—even energize—my prayer. I’m not sure it’s the thing to do in a solemn service or adoration chapel, but maybe that’s why Jesus recommended we pray in a solitary place. That way, we can enjoy the ability to be foolish, even as a child in our prayer.

Give it a shot and let us know what you discover. In the meantime, two laughers we’ve produced recently, Lino Rulli’s Sinner and its follow-up, Saint, are great laugh-out-loud primers for those with a disposition towards all things Catholic. Check them out from our Franciscan Media online catalog or at today.

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