Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Convention

Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Convention

Conventions are a part of many of our lives. They are exciting, full of new possibilities, intentional networking, and learning opportunities, and often exhausting. So how do you get the most out of a crowded convention? Here are some tips for maximizing your time:

  1. Sign up for some workshops being offered, and get there early. Someone once said, “On time is late for leaders!”

  2. Spend time with your colleagues. Maybe you are there for different reasons, but take advantage of being together outside of your normal work environment to get to enjoy each other’s company.

  3. Take good notes. Whether you capture them digitally or by hand, you’ll be glad you did when you want to reference what you saw and heard.

  4. Get out of your comfort zone and schedule a coffee or a lunch with someone in your industry that’s more successful than you. Ask questions and share ideas; and prepare to be inspired.

  5. Wear comfortable shoes!

The main business event I’m looking forward to this summer is the Catholic Marketing Network convention to be held in Schaumburg, Illinois, this July. I’ll be sure to take good notes myself so I can share with you some of the key highlights and takeaways. If you’ll be attending, plan to stop by the Servant Books booth and see our latest offerings!


About the Author

Claudia Volkman is a director of product development for Servant Books. She and her husband, Scott, live in Florida, where she enjoys walking, knitting, and spending time with her Corgis.