The Challenge of Grace

The Challenge of Grace

I have been obsessed lately by the statement in Georges Bernanos’ book The Diary of a Country Priest, also found in a biography about Flannery O’Connor:  “Everything is grace.”

It’s a challenge to see grace everywhere, especially in difficult times. Yet grace is everywhere, even in grime.

Note, for instance, how tragedy brings out the best in people. For example, last November’s typhoon that hit the Philippines. Think, too, how grace often brings families together.

On the other hand, family celebrations help us realize that God loves us. Everything is grace.

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Hilarion Kistner, O.F.M., after ordination in 1955, did further studies in Scripture. He taught Scripture to seminarians for 15 years. He has been editor of Sunday Homily Helps for more than 25 years.