Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Our guest blogger today is Drew Savoy, a senior at Anderson University in Indiana. He studies communications with a journalism concentration. He works for The Andersonian (student newspaper) and also broadcasts baseball and basketball games for 98.7 WQME.

A day of spring cleaning was much needed after a bitter cold and long winter. The house wasn’t the only thing that needed to be cleaned. The cleaning reminds me that our minds get cluttered with thoughts, feelings, and dilemmas. My mind, after a week of midterm exams and a busy work week, needed plenty of spring cleaning.

I decided that since this week is spring break, it will be a good time to take some time for myself, something that I am not used to. I usually spend time with family and friends, but being alone seems to create ample time to think about those cluttered thoughts and feelings. I find that spending some time alone with a cup of coffee and a good book is a great remedy for a cluttered mind. Spending time without company isn’t spending time completely alone; I’m spending time with myself.

Our belongings should not bog us down and make slaves of us. We should be surrounded with beauty, with things reminding us we are God’s children. –from Make Room for God, by Susan K. Rowland

Spending time alone is rare for me. In every facet of my life, I feel as if I am connected, whether that is in person or through our new world of being connected online. Always being connected can be a heavy burden on our already busy lives. As a senior in college who will graduate in a few months, I have found that things are changing and at a hectic pace. Relaxing and getting to clear my head is the type of cleaning that my mind needs.


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