Through the Clouds

Through the Clouds

It’s a cloudy day today in Cincinnati. It makes me think of our recent trip to the Religious Education Congress in Anaheim California. (It certainly wasn’t cloudy there!) I learned a lesson on the way about our outlook and how that colors our lives.

You see, I stopped for a connecting flight in Chicago, in early March, against my better instincts. Chicago always has unpredictable weather that time of year. And sure enough, the airport was starting to cancel flights right after my arrived, at 7 a.m. Turbulence had damaged the plane I was to board. Flight cancelled. I got rerouted to Denver, but when I got to the gate I saw a major flight delay. I heard of another Denver flight (just behind me) and squeezed my way on-board (there were a few seats left).

Then, as we taxied through pouring rain, and safely took to the air, we went into the clouds. Of course, within a few moments, we broke into bright sunshine. Same place, if you looked on a cell-phone GPS; completely different experiences! Look at the photo below. That’s the “after” photo (the “before” shot is at the top of the page).   JFsunny

We see clouds overhead in all sorts of moments in our lives—sometimes even pouring rain. But it never is the whole story. The sun is shining above, every day. Maybe we need a little faith to know it’s there, sometimes, but it never fails. I’ll try to apply that to my life for a while—sunshine beyond the clouds. It’s simple enough, but we seldom live like that.


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John Feister is editor in chief of St. Anthony Messenger magazine and other periodicals at Franciscan Media. He has a B.A. in American Studies from University of Dayton, and master's degrees in Humanities and in Theology from Xavier University. He writes and edits for various publications and contributes to American Catholic Radio. He is married, with three sons. His new book, Thank You, Sisters: Stories of Women Religious and How They Enrich Our Lives is available from the Franciscan Media catalog.