Ready or Not, Here’s Your Sign

Ready or Not, Here’s Your Sign

My wife and I have just started The Great Adventure Bible study from Jeff Cavins at a parish near us. This week, I heard an amazing story in our small group discussion.  We were talking about God wanting us to come out of the wilderness, out of our comfort zone, when a member of the group began her story.

Recently, her co-worker was thinking of starting a prayer group that would meet occasionally to pray the Rosary during their lunch breaks.  She was not sure if it was a good idea or if anyone was interested, so she approached a few of her co-workers who she knew were Catholic, to see if they were interested.  They seemed interested, so she set up a time and place at work to have their first meeting. 

It took her some time to work up the courage, to come forward out of her comfort zone, to have that first meeting, and when that time came, no one showed up.  She was devastated, embarrassed.  She spent the afternoon at work, questioning her motives and doubting herself.

Was this the right thing to do?  She soon got a response.

Let me interject here a moment and give you some background about her particular workplace.  On several occasions, I have been to this location on business, so what she found that day on the ground, gave me goose bumps as I listened to this story.  It is an enormous facility, sitting on what I would estimate to be about fifty acres, mostly treeless, with a pond and enough asphalt to play several football games at once.  What little landscaping present can be found near the doors to the facility.  Back to the story.

At the end of the work day she headed for the parking lot, still full of doubt.  As she approached her car and began to open the door, she noticed something out of place on the ground by her feet….

She bent over and picked them up: rose petals. 

She did not ask for one. She was not even looking for one. But, if what she saw was not a sign, then I do not know what one is.  I think her questioning was answered! 


***God bless***

*Jeff Cavins has a new book, Praise God and Thank Him, coming out in mid-April from Servant Books. Click here if you’d like to learn more or pre-order.

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Michael Glassmeyer is a lifelong Catholic who has spent the past several years examining his own faith and beliefs in an attempt to understand the beliefs and actions of others involving local, state, national, and world events. Michael lives in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, and is married with three children. (@MPGlassmeyer)