Weathering the Winter

Weathering the Winter

This weekend I was backing out of the driveway, past the towering mounds of snow, and wondering if anyone has ever been swallowed alive by an avalanche in their own driveway.  I realize that is unlikely to happen, but it is a sign of the mood I’m in.  I’m sick and tired of snow and ice and weather forecasts that use the word “bitterly” to describe the cold that is coming–again.

Like much of the country, I have been enduring a record-cold winter with record-deep snowfalls.  I’m blessed to have a warm house and a city that does a great job plowing the snow.  I really have nothing to complain about, but this weather is wearing me down.  I’ve settled in to a “poor me” mentality that is not doing anything to help me endure peacefully.

I was getting ready for church on Sunday and was flipping around local television channels, looking for a report on just how bad the driving was going to be on the way to Mass.  And, yes, I was feeling a little big smug at how noble I was to be headed to church in spite of the snow that was falling fast and furious outside my window.

I never found the road conditions update, but I did happen upon a television preacher.  His message caught my attention.  God never fails.  We can trust him or we can flounder around in our own confusion.  We can remember how faithful he has always been, or we can lose hope over whatever adversity we are experiencing.  We can remind ourselves that God honors our faith.  He’s not there to meet our every whim when we snap our fingers.  But he is deeply and always taking care of us.

So, I did make it to church, and I was slipping around in the fresh snowfall, but there was a greater peace in my heart.  God is bigger than the snow piles in my driveway.  He’s even bigger than my own anxieties.

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Louise Paré has spent the last 37 years in Catholic publishing and is currently a director of product development for Servant Books. She works from her home in Michigan, where she is an avid Detroit Tigers fan.