The Higher Road

The Higher Road

Life. It can be very busy, can’t it? So many things command our attention and energy. What is someone to do when they’re all potentially good things, worthy of our effort? I don’t have an easy answer to this. I’d be open to yours if you’d care to share.

What I do know is this: When schedules, deadlines, events, obligations, and priorities collide, I go in one of two directions. I either go inside myself and allow the stress to build—often becoming frustrated, angry, or upset (all things that hurt me and those around me)—or I see the coming storm, and I call first upon God, then my family or co-workers to be ready for what may come. Then I take it on one step at a time, with a pledge for patience, collaboration, and good humor. The key for me is to see it coming, recognize it, make the call (to God and others), and be in a position to ensure that no burden is mine alone to bear.

It’s never easy. But the storm always passes. When it does, I’m glad for the experience, knowing I’ve learned something, discovered something new, grown closer to my family, friends, co-workers, and even to God. Maybe this note finds you in a moment of collision. If so, call upon God and others around you and resolve to weather the storm, prevent destruction–and maybe even grow stronger in the process!

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