The Great Debate

The Great Debate

This month saw a landmark debate between one of my favorite scientists, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and one of my least favorite creationists, Ken Ham the Creation Museum Guy. While I don’t think many converts were won to either side, I admit to enjoying the very idea of such a debate.

As someone who gets pretty enthusiastic about both God and science, I don’t see the two locked in eternal mortal combat. If one were to judge by Internet comments (which one ought never to do), one might conclude that I was very nearly alone in this perspective. The Catholic Church, though, teaches that faith and science can—in fact, should—coexist. God may have created our brains, but that wasn’t so we’d have a pedestal for the haberdasher.

In defense of those who see science and faith as diametrically opposed, though, I doff my haberdashery to their one-sided memes, such as this one from Cheezburger:

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Perhaps this is evidence of why God created differences of opinion.

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  • David Kay

    The Argument: Was “the beginning” thousands of years ago as creationist believe, or millions of years ago as scientific study suggests?
    The current view: Today, looking at recorded history vs ‘logical’ speculation.
    The key word: TODAY.
    So, eternity began relatively long ago. By definition eternity will last a long time to come yet. Here we are right now, today.
    The question asked on the signboard at the side of the road is,
    Am I ready, TODAY, to drop my safety net and follow HIM?