The Beauty of Winter

The Beauty of Winter

Don’t you love the beauty of a blanket of snow? Tall trees, bushes, fields, and buildings glistening in crystal-like perfection. And isn’t it wonderful that God made each snowflake unique? People may complain about the cold and the snow but I have yet to meet one person who could argue about how beautiful and pristine everything is when a fresh blanket of snow is on the ground.

I live in a wooded area, and I share my backyard with many forest animals, especially birds. In the summer I keep my bird feeder filled with seed because I love the birds and all the happy noise they bring while I am in my backyard. In the winter it has never occurred to me to feed my backyard neighbors. I guess it’s because I don’t spend time in my backyard, but rather view it from my kitchen window.

This past weekend while cleaning out my pantry, I almost threw a half loaf of bread away. I thought about the little birds and squirrels and threw several pieces of bread out for them right before nightfall. I was so disappointed when no one came to eat that evening! I thought for sure my backyard friends would be thrilled with my treat!

The next morning I rushed off to work and forgot about the food I had thrown outside. When I got to work my husband called me to tell me that the birds were going crazy over the bread I had thrown out the night before. What joy and surprise in my husband’s voice! There wasn’t one bit of bread left that morning. In fact we had to give them a little more as the day went on because they acted so hungry.

 Tomorrow is a new day. I plan on going out into the backyard and giving my neighbors more to eat. The bread will feed the birds, but the joy will feed my heart.


Photo: Ken Thomas


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