Pope Francis Addresses Pentecostal Pastors – From an iPhone!

Pope Francis Addresses Pentecostal Pastors – From an iPhone!

My heart leapt for joy last week as this YouTube video of Pope Francis addressing a Pentecostal church pastors conference went viral through the Catholic blogosphere. I am posting it here because I believe it’s one of the most significant addresses Pope Francis has made in recent months. I must admit that I have watched it at least ten times, thus my excitement!

Bishop Anthony Palmer, a pentecostal bishop, is a long-time friend of Pope Francis. No matter what you believe about pentecostalism or prosperity gospel preachers, we have an amazing pope who, in this iPhone video message, addresses them as brothers and asks them to pray for him and bless him. Be sure to watch all of the video (Pope Francis’s message is seven minutes long and found at minute 8:30) because I think it’s significant how these pastors respond to Pope Francis’s message to them.

How would you respond to this message? Will you share it with other Christians you know?

Photo: CNS photo/Paul Haring


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