When Media Matters

When Media Matters

One of my all time favorite shows is Les Miserables. I love the themes of sacrifice and redemption that run throughout the plot. It follows the struggles, sorrows and joys of a simple man throughout his life. He’s not necessarily a religious man, but spiritual themes resonate in this story.  

This particular play reminds me of just how effective stories can be in helping us understand our own lives. Jesus used stories and parables to teach us about the kingdom of God, so why not employ those same methods today?

Last year the History Channel aired a series called The Bible which featured stories of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in a docudrama type of format. What I liked best about it was that it gave me more to ponder and recall whenever I hear these stories read in our Liturgy on Sundays. The nuances of the portrayal by the actors gave depth and dimension to the characters in the Bible that can sometimes just be names.  

Movies, theater shows, radio programs—whatever media you prefer—can all help engage our culture and draw our inspiration from the Gospel. The shows don’t always have to be overtly religious like The Bible, but can be more subtle like Les Miserables.

Evengelize and Catechize

Whatever the format, whatever the story, if we’re proclaiming the Good News through it, we’re answering our baptismal call. And that’s a good thing.


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Judy Zarick is a producer in the Media department at Franciscan Media. She has worked in both video and radio production, where she has produced music videos, faith-formation programs for video, and the popular "Lenten Radio Retreat" and "Advent Radio Retreat" programs for radio. Her primary jobs are as a wife and as a mother to her four children.