Second Chances, New Beginnings

Second Chances, New Beginnings

I, for one, am grateful that God offers us a seemingly limitless supply of second chances. Try as I may, I haven’t yet found the key to achieving perfection. Second chances allow me the opportunity to gather myself, to regroup, and to try again. My failed attempts don’t have the last word!

We’ve begun a new year, a time that many people take stock of things, regroup themselves, and chart the course for new beginnings, new adventures—and perhaps a few second chances.

We here at Franciscan Media are regrouping ourselves. We’re working again with the Catholic Communication Campaign of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This time, we will be providing some audio podcast resources themed in such a way to help you chart a new course of growth in faith. Of special emphasis is the new evangelization and sharing your faith with others. If  these and our other offerings strike you as useful in starting your new year, please consider stopping by our website each week and taking a few minutes to listen. You’ll be glad you did.

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