Laughter is Good for the Soul

Laughter is Good for the Soul

A Sunday school teacher began her lesson with a question. “Boys and girls, what do we know about God?” A hand shot up in the air. “He is an artist!” said the kindergarten boy. “Really? How do you know?” asked the teacher. “You know… Our Father, who does art in Heaven.”  

A mother was giving instructions to her three children as she sat with them in Mass, “And, why is it necessary to be quiet in church?” Her son quickly responded, “Because people are sleeping!”

OK so you may have heard these before, but I bet you at least chuckled. Religion doesn’t have to be all stuffy and serious all the time. And have you looked around at Mass lately?  It’s not always easy to find someone smiling.  

Lighten Up

If we truly want to be like Jesus, we need to have a sense of humor. You know He had to have one—just look at all of us. So lightening up is one of the first things we can do to attract others and help spread the Good News.

If “laughter is good for the soul,” let’s try to strengthen the souls of those around us. Smile often. It’s contagious. A simple smile from you is like a small flicker of light that spreads on the faces of others and eventually lights up the whole room!


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About the Author

Judy Zarick is a producer in the Media department at Franciscan Media. She has worked in both video and radio production, where she has produced music videos, faith-formation programs for video, and the popular "Lenten Radio Retreat" and "Advent Radio Retreat" programs for radio. Her primary jobs are as a wife and as a mother to her four children.