Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!

Here in Cincinnati, Ohio, it’s snowing. Because I come from much farther north than this fair city, a bit of snow, even a few inches, doesn’t bother me. Others outside my office door are expressing fear and panic for what is often called “the white death.”

At times like these, I’m struck by how different our perspective on life and its events can be. Perhaps it’s about what we’re used to. I’ve been working on editing an upcoming video entitled “Live Catholic.”  It aims to provide parents with inspiration toward nurturing their kids in the faith. One of our experts recommends a daily practice of prayer with our children. It can be as simple or complex as one would make it; the most important thing is consistency.

Why consistency? Why pray every day with our kids or take them to Mass every week? Because it creates the scenario that becomes “what we’re used to.” That, in turn, becomes what leads and gets us through difficult times, relying on the tools of prayer and an absorbed faith coming from years of consistent practice.

I approach it with joy and a sense of adventure because I know a dusting of snow—or even a few inches—isn’t the end of the world. It’s simply the start of winter. I’m used to it.

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