I Declare It Christmas!

I Declare It Christmas!

This Christmas marks the first without my grandfather. That, combined with some other health situations and changes in my family, was making this holiday seem a lot less merry.

I had a moment of debating whether to ignore Christmas. Every year, I put up two trees, invite friends over for pancakes on the morning of Christmas Eve, and admittedly spend way too much on gifts for the people I love. I do it because it makes me happy. This year, I thought, maybe I just can’t be happy.

After thinking this way for a few weeks in November, though, I decided against it. I love Christmas and always have. I love everything about the season, and I love the many memories that bless my thoughts of Christmases past. So out went the invitations, up went the trees, and in came the presents. Once our traditional decorations were sprinkled around the house, I instantly felt better.

Yet, Christmas certainly won’t be the same this year. Or will it?

It’s still a celebration of the Incarnation of God, a new chapter in the entire history of the world. It’s the beginning of the promise that lets me know I will see my grandfather again someday, and we can celebrate infinite Christmases together.

Even though so much around me has changed—and yes, I do feel horribly lonely sometimes—I try to remember that the gift of Jesus is ever-present.

To you and your family, I wish a very blessed, Merry Christmas!


About the Author

Jennifer Scroggins works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.