A New Beginning

A New Beginning

I love the season of Advent. I like the colors, the smells, the rituals, all the good things that come with it. And at the end, we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus. With all the festivities and commitments attached to the season of Advent and Christmas I often forget that this is the beginning of a new year.

“Let us begin again, for until now we have done nothing.” -St. Francis

Advent is the perfect time to “begin again.” This December, not January, is the best time to renew our commitment to Christ. Advent, the beginning of a new liturgical year, can be a fresh start for each of us.

I’d suggest going to an Advent reconciliation service to start the year out right. And if you haven’t been in a while, no worries, it’s a new year. It’s a great time to draw closer to God and experience the goodness that surrounds us in the gift of his incarnation.

So get out your Advent wreath, your Jesse tree, and your nostalgic Christmas movies—whatever helps you feel the presence of love in your heart—and start the New Year out with God.



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About the Author

Judy Zarick is a producer in the Media department at Franciscan Media. She has worked in both video and radio production, where she has produced music videos, faith-formation programs for video, and the popular "Lenten Radio Retreat" and "Advent Radio Retreat" programs for radio. Her primary jobs are as a wife and as a mother to her four children.