We Are Called to Witness

We Are Called to Witness

Do you remember the first person who introduced you to God? Who was the person that explained to you that there was a heaven?  Where did you first hear the story about Jesus and the nativity?  I can’t remember the exact people who taught me those things but since I was raised Catholic I know it was probably my parents, family and some of my parochial school teachers who instructed me.  

Parents are the first teachers, but they need support from others to strengthen the faith of their children. Catechists, together with the pastors of the Church, are entrusted with the duties of teaching the faith, overseeing sacramental preparation, supporting the formation of consciences, and developing a love of prayer in those they catechize. I feel blessed to have those people in my life and my faith community who support me in my job as a spiritual teacher of my children. I can look to them when I’m at a loss for answers to some of my kids’ questions.

But teaching the faith isn’t just about reading from a textbook, it’s about living and sharing your faith in all you do. We may not all be called to be in a classroom or at the pulpit, but we’re all called to witness in our own personal way.

Teaching the Catholic faith in a society that is saturated in noise and distractions isn’t an easy task. But if we all come together, recognize each other’s strengths and gifts, and support one another, I’m sure that our efforts will be blessed. 


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About the Author

Judy Zarick is a producer in the Media department at Franciscan Media. She has worked in both video and radio production, where she has produced music videos, faith-formation programs for video, and the popular "Lenten Radio Retreat" and "Advent Radio Retreat" programs for radio. Her primary jobs are as a wife and as a mother to her four children.