Atheists Have Something to Believe In

Atheists Have Something to Believe In

Pope Francis is riding a wave of unprecedented (at least recently) approval. His comments seem to signal a new attitude toward people previously marginalized. He asks us all to focus on the Gospel instead of more divisive social issues. And his latest photo op? Genius. Also very Jesus.

Perhaps most exciting is the response he’s getting from those not already in the camp—atheists. A recent post on the Esquire politics blog listed some of the reasons for Francis’s popularity among the “unchurched.” And just check out some of the love he’s getting on Twitter:

Doug Mataconis ‏@dmataconis:

“Even as a lapsed Catholic/atheist, I can’t help but admire this guy.”

Siân Boyle ‏@sian_boyle:

“I’m a staunch atheist but I think Pope Francis @Pontifex is a pretty cool cat.”

H.Bowen ‏@hbowie4:

“Even as an atheist I admit, Pope Francis is one of the most interesting and inspiring men in the world.”

Victoria Lund ‏@vlund33:

“I may be an atheist, but there’s something about Pope Francis that makes me want to be Catholic. He’s so inspiring.”

An old hymn says, “They will know we are Christians by our love.” It seems that Pope Francis might be the first Christian some folks have seen in a long time.

Photo courtesy of David Castillo Dominici,


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