Welcome to Life, Beautiful Baby Boy

Welcome to Life, Beautiful Baby Boy

On October 14, right in the middle of the 40 Days for Life Campaign, a little boy was born in San Diego, Calif. His birth parents are a teen-aged couple who chose life for this child and offered him for adoption. His adoptive parents are my niece and her husband.

I have been an advocate for life for many years. But never before have I  been so personally faced with the gut-wrenching choice to give life and the joy that comes from that choice. The birth parents had many options. It is far easier to “get rid of the problem” by choosing abortion. Where did they find the courage, the grace, and the love to give life to this child?  What inspired their unselfish choice? Our society talks about being “pro-choice” in the option of choosing to take this life by abortion. But I have seen first-hand the true choice—to put the life of this child above the couple’s own convenience.

How beautiful is this choice that has given this boy life, a loving family, all the potential inherent in his body and soul! It is one thing to believe in the value of life. It is quite another to witness first-hand the sacrifice and the joy involved in the choice. I’ll probably never know these birth parents, but I thank them and all who have made this courageous decision.

And I thank all those involved in pro-life work, from the 40 Days for Life participants to those who provide medical care, to those who give  support services for pregnant women. I thank those who pray and those who work tirelessly for the cause of life.  Who knows what influenced this couple to give birth to this child? We never know the effect of our prayer, our loving words, our giving of time and service.

So, welcome to the world, little sweet boy!  May your life always be a witness to the beauty of choosing life.


About the Author

Louise Paré has spent the last 37 years in Catholic publishing and is currently a director of product development for Servant Books. She works from her home in Michigan, where she is an avid Detroit Tigers fan.