People Are Watching

People Are Watching

I helped an elderly parishioner to her car on Sunday after a parish gathering. It was raining, and she was carrying a glass dish that had belonged to her mother. It was only natural for me to offer to help her as she juggled an umbrella, dish, purse, and car keys in the rain. In addition to thanking me for my assistance at that moment, she also thanked me for “the many things your family does for our parish.”

By my own count, I judge that we should do more for our parish. I see others who manage to juggle the commitments of their lives in ways that allow them to be more active than we are. It was good to hear that someone notices what efforts we make.

That reminds me that people are watching. Just as I notice the commitment and involvement of others, someone is noticing my own. I’d better make sure that what they notice is good!

I was acutely aware of being watched when our daughter was younger. She was learning how to live her life from my words and actions—toward her and others. She was learning what I value from my commitments and comments. She was learning right and wrong not just from my words but more importantly from my choices and actions. And her friends were likely watching as well. Though now a young adult, she’s still watching and listening.

This gives me pause to ask: When people watch me, do they see the me I profess to be?

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Joan McKamey works for Liguori Publications.