October’s Liberty+Vine: A Scary-Good Issue

October’s Liberty+Vine: A Scary-Good Issue

“I’m scared to death,” Jennifer Scroggins, editor of Liberty+Vine, writes in the October issue. “It’s a tough thing to admit, but there it is: I’m afraid.”

Who hasn’t been in that situation? Who hasn’t been faced with something that rattles us? Fear is perhaps the most human of emotions, and that is the theme of our October issue. In fact, the editors of Liberty+Vine decided a while ago that each issue will have a unifying theme. The November issue will be about family and traditions. December is, natch, the holidays. But the October issue is especially good because all of us, regardless of our age, have experienced fear. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in this issue:

+ Ways to simplify Halloween celebrations, from candy to costumes

+ Learning to combat our fears with faith

+ A look at some of our culture’s biggest superstitions

+ Fear in film

+ The origins of Halloween

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