Geekpriest: Always the Catholic Insider

Geekpriest: Always the Catholic Insider

I met Father Roderick online during the papal transition from Pope John Paul II’s death to the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Podcasting was in its infancy but Father Roderick was making an international splash by recording and uploading to his Catholic Insider podcast every day from the Vatican. His delightful and hope-filled commentary about that papal transition endeared me, and thousands others, to him and established him as a new media pioneer.

Roderick’s new book, and appropriately audiobook, Geekpriest: Confessions of a New Media Pioneer released last month with the complete tales from those Catholic Insider podcasting days. Also included are childhood stories that explain why Father Roderick is a passionate technology geek.  Heart-warming are his encounters with the papacy of John Paul II that helped him decide to become a priest.  Learn about his continued passionate work on behalf of the Church through his online network, SQPN and the stories of its development.

Geekpriest Fan: Catholic Insider t-shirt, mug joined with audiobook and book in my office at Franciscan Media.

Geekpriest Fan: favorite Catholic Insider t-shirt, mug joined with audiobook and book in my office.

If you know someone who is an online, gaming, movie or technology geek, this book speaks to the positive passion that a Roman Catholic priest has for these modern wonders. Also, if you care about where the Catholic Church is heading with media, especially online, this book offers insight and vision.

Who are your Catholic new media pioneers? Do you have a favorite Catholic blogger, podcaster, tweeter, pinner or instagrammer online that you admire because they are bringing the gospel message to your world?


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