Why Lino Rulli Should Be Canonized Right Away

Why Lino Rulli Should Be Canonized Right Away

I recently had the privilege to produce the audiobook version of Lino Rulli‘s latest title, Saint: Why I Should Be Canonized Right Away. The title is the second by author Lino Rulli and follows his Sinner release. For those of you unfamiliar with Rulli, he’s currently the host of Sirius/XM radio’s “The Catholic Guy” show, available nationwide on the satellite network. Let me just say, this is funny stuff! Laugh-out-loud funny! When did you last hear that term associated with someone presenting the Catholic faith in the public domain?

Aside from another new release (I’ll introduce Fr. Roderick VonHogen‘s latest work entitled Geekpriest next time), this is one of those rare titles that yours truly would feel comfort-able handing to my 20-something kids and know they would just love it. This 40-something producer loves it too, and I bet you’ll want to pick up the CD or download it for yourself.

Rulli’s sense of humor and timing come through in this series. With wit and wisdom, he shares the trials, tragedies, and triumph of his Catholic journey, educating while he entertains. He’s no official evangelist mind you; he’s simply a regular Catholic guy who figures that if he’s got a chance to get into heaven, so do you. Check it out at catalog.FranciscanMedia.org and Audible.com. If humor is a virtue leading to canonization, Lino’s a cinch to get his wish.

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