The Joys of Art

The Joys of Art

About 10 years ago, I became very interested in art–all kinds of art. Who knew there were so many types of art: folk art, abstract art, decorative art, fine art, and other types? What interests me most is the artist prospective of an image and the history of the finished product.

Christian art is rich in history, and lush in imagery and perspective. Frescoes in Rome, oil paintings in Florence and London created by the famous and the not-so-famous artists have stories that are interesting and the art is simply captivating. Unfortunately, not everyone can travel to view the wonderful works of ancient Christian art. Thankfully, the world has Sister Wendy Beckett to bring page after page of beautiful art and commentary directly to you. Sister Wendy, as she has for years on her PBS television show, offers us a way into the art of Mary, of saints and of Christmas that connects with our own faith journey, our own busy lives.

We are lucky enough to offer three of Sister Wendy’s books in our catalog. The format of these books is ideal. There are four-color art pieces on every page. They make a perfect gift for those who love Christian art and history, or even for yourself. You deserve it!

 Sister Wendy on the Art of Christmas

Sister Wendy on the Art of Saints

Sister Wendy on the Art of Mary


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