Terror in the Umbrian Hills

Terror in the Umbrian Hills

Fans of St. Francis know that he was famous for his love of all creation, especially our feathered, finned, and furry friends. That’s why the latest news out of Italy is particularly disturbing.

“Charlie,” a two-foot-tall pony (one of the smallest ever) has been kidnapped and held for ransom, possibly by the Italian Mafia, according to authorities. This is either an egregious display of contempt for adorable creatures or a testament to how much we love them. Not so long ago, you had to take someone’s child to get their attention.

What do you think? Do we overvalue the animals in our lives or fail to give them the love and respect they deserve?

Meanwhile, hold on, Charlie! The cavalry is coming. Possibly on very tiny horses.

Photo courtesy of Tom Curtis, freedigitalphotos.net.


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