Are There Saints in Your Church?

Are There Saints in Your Church?

The following excerpt is taken from the book Ask a Bible Geek by Mark Hart.

It was Sunday morning, and as always, a young family made their way into Mass. A beautiful little six-year-old girl, the youngest, sat amazed, gazing up at the ceilings, the candles, the statues, and the crucifix.

Then she noticed an incredible array of colored light beaming onto the floor in front of her. Her eyes immediately scaled the walls to find the source. She saw the brilliant, early morning sun shining through the stained glass window.

She asked her father, “Daddy, who are those people in the colored windows?”

“Those are the saints, sweetheart, people who lived for God and who loved Him very much.”

The young girl nodded in approval. She kept her eyes glued to the stained glass for the remainder of the Mass.

A couple years later the same girl sat in her Catholic elementary school religion class. “Who are the saints?” the teacher asked the students at the beginning of the lesson. No one in the class raised a hand, with the exception of the little girl. The teacher called on her, and she humbly rose to answer the question.

“The saints are the ones the light shines through,” the little girl innocently replied.

While you have the light, believe in the light, that you may become sons of light (John 12:35).

Remember, the saints were ordinary people, just like you and me. The big difference is how they responded to God’s call and how they chose to live in the midst of hardship.

You can be a saint. I could be a saint. We are all called to be saints.

Start today. Smile. Serve. Affirm. Let the joy of Christ radiate within you. Really try, in a new way, to allow the light of Christ, the awesomeness of God, to shine through you—to the wonder and amazement of all who see it. Make your life a “stained glass” work of art to a world in need of more beauty.

That would be a beautiful gift, one that shouldn’t be reserved for church.


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