Meet Your Local Catholic Bookseller

Meet Your Local Catholic Bookseller

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“The Miraculous Medal” author Donna Marie Cooper-O’Boyle discusses her book with eager booksellers.

Last week, Franciscan Media attended the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show in Somerset, New Jersey. If you follow us in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we posted photographs of authors signing their new books for the bookstores. The hope is the bookstore will use the signed copy of the book as a giveaway in their store and, because they’ve met the author, decide to carry copies of the book in the bookstore.

Authors enjoy meeting these booksellers because they meet the people who work hard to recommend their books to customers. Both experience the strengthening of a relationship by meeting one-on-one.

Every time I attend one of these national bookseller shows, whether Catholic Marketing Network or Religious Booksellers Trade Exhibit, I am reminded of the outreach and one-on-one ministry these bookstores offer their local Catholic community.

Many of our customers enjoy ordering Franciscan Media’s books from online booksellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Christian Book Distributors. But these online retailers will not replace the one-on-one service that a local bookseller provides.

Author Allan Wright signs "Jesus, the Evangelist"  for a bookseller.

Author Allan Wright signs copies of “Jesus, the Evangelist” for booksellers.

When was the last time you met your local Catholic bookseller?

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Daria Sockey, author of bestselling “The Everyday Catholics Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours,” listens attentively.



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  • Topaz

    Luckily there is a Catholic bookstore near my work. I go there first because I’d rather support them than my money going to Amazon.

    • BarbaraKB

      Topaz, my husband would agree with you. I tend to buy from many sources including Amazon.