Friar’s Ultramarathon Run is about Giving Back

Friar’s Ultramarathon Run is about Giving Back

On August 3,  Father Gregory Plow, TOR, ran the Wild Idaho Ultramarathon through Boise National Forest. A friar at Franciscan University, Plow finished the 53.4-mile run in 18 hours and 7 minutes.

“When the going got tough, I remembered I was running for the students who are too poor to come to Franciscan University,” said Father Plow. “Most people don’t finish their first ultramarathon. But I finished under the (19-hour) limit and hit all my checkpoints.”

Besides the distance, the Wild Idaho Ultramarathon boasts hot and unpredictable temperatures, elevations up to 7,700 feet, and a cumulative elevation gain of 16,000 feet.

“I got a chance to see both the sunrise and the sunset. Both times I was summiting mountains; it was amazing,” Plow said.

Father Plow used the run to raise money for the Spirit of St. Francis Scholarship, a new, full-tuition scholarship for incoming Franciscan University freshmen who are academically qualified but financially constrained.

“A lot of people were very generous, but we still need support for the scholarship. I do not want to have ‘run this race in vain,’ as St. Paul says, so I hope people will give to these students who need financial support to come to Franciscan,” Plow said.

The chaplain of Franciscan University’s cross country team, Father Plow first began running to stay fit while studying for the priesthood. He has completed 12 marathons.

To contribute to the Spirit of St. Francis Scholarship, contact the Franciscan University Development Office at 1-800-783-6447 or click here.


Photo: Courtesy Franciscan University of Steubenville


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