The Joys of Yard Art

The Joys of Yard Art

I can’t believe it. I have yard art in my back yard! In case you are wondering what is yard art, I will try to give you a quick definition. Yard art is decorative accessories for your yard that can come in many forms and mediums. Often times you will see a statue of St. Francis in someone’s garden, or perhaps a reflection ball. Both are nice and often have symbolic meaning for those who enjoy them in their yard.  I have always enjoyed yard art in other people’s yards, but never really saw myself spending hard-earned money on something as silly as yard art.

I have worked for 17 years on a large shade garden in my backyard. The work is hard, but I love the colors and textures that bloom every year. Red bud trees, bleeding hearts, hostas , impatiens, and even wild strawberries bring color to the dark green of the shade garden. I love the preparation of clearing the garden every year for new growth. But who would have known that I would make way for metallic ants!

I tried being conservative, placing a bird bath just so in my garden. But frankly, it was kind of boring. I really wanted something cute, something that would start a conversation to those who visit my backyard. Yesterday when I added my new yard art my neighbors had to come see what it was–already a conversation starter!


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