Faith as a Journey

Faith as a Journey

When I was in St. Joseph Grade School in Howell, Michigan (OK, between 1954 and 1962!), people tended to speak of faith as an object that could be lost or found. That applied to future students at public high schools and most especially those attending public universities. Faith in those days was simply faith; we didn’t speak of a child’s faith, a teen’s faith, a young adult’s faith, a middle-aged person’s faith, or a senior’s faith. In that sense, faith was “one size fits all.” Now we see faith as a lifelong journey.

Although God does not change, our ability to relate to God is very much affected by our life experiences. A 7-year-old Christian battling leukemia simply doesn’t have the same faith challenges as his or her more healthy classmates. Such an experience can lead to a person’s stronger faith or a weaker faith.

The articles in the upcoming August issue of St. Anthony Messenger each say something about faith in its various forms. In August, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Father Bryan N. Massingale, a leading black theologian discusses what it means for us today. Kevin Wells, author of Burst: A Story of God’s Grace When Life Falls Apart (Servant Books) writes about how his faith saved him in the article “Why I Stay Catholic.”

May we all discover the riches of the Catholic faith!

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