Celebrating Changing Demographics

Celebrating Changing Demographics

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 47% of the Catholic population in the United States under the age of 40 is Hispanic. While this trend is not new, this reality never hit me until I saw it documented in that Pew study. Both our Church and our country are diverse, reflecting a “melting pot.” This statistic shows the pendulum’s direction. The Church at every level is wise to take note of and welcome this reality.

Franciscan Media has moved forward with acquiring and producing Hispanic media wherever possible. Our “Radio Retreats” in Lent and Advent have always been produced in both English and Spanish. A little-known fact is that, either by audio overdub or by Spanish subtitles, many of our video resources also have abeen available for Hispanic people whose first (or only) language is Spanish. See a brief review of these in the “Catholic Update on Demand” section below.

The New Evangelization calls us to create welcoming communities. Let’s welcome our Hispanic brothers and sisters and celebrate our diversity as we grow in unity of faith, nurturing the one Body of Christ that is the Catholic faith community.

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