All You Holy Men and Women

All You Holy Men and Women

I’ve been asking people to pray for my brother Mark, who was recently diagnosed with cancer (Stage 4). We are asking people to pray for the intercession of Blessed John Paul II and St. Anthony of Padua for Mark’s healing but, most importantly, we just want people to pray—in whatever way they’re most comfortable!

There’s some confusion out there about Catholics praying to the saints. I’ve helped with RCIA in my parish for many years, so I’m aware that some Christians misunderstand this relationship Catholics have with the saints. We don’t pray to the saints as if we consider them equal to God. We pray to the saints because they’re close to God—closer to God than we are. When we pray to the saints, we’re asking the saints to join their prayers with ours, just as we ask our friends and family here on earth to pray with and for us. 

Please join me, all you holy men and women—already in heaven or striving to get there—in praying for Mark’s healing. He’s a good and faithful man who’s quick with a smile and a laugh. I simply can’t imagine anyone not liking him. I’m proud to call him my brother—and I desperately want to see him live beyond his current 42 years! 




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Joan McKamey has served in many capacities in her 15 years with Franciscan Media. She is currently the managing editor of Catholic Update, a monthly publication for adult faith formation of individuals and small groups. She also draws on her years as a parish catechetical leader in her columns for the monthly e-newsletter Faith Formation Update. She is married and is raising a teenage daughter.
  • Christine

    By the name of Jesus we rebuke this spirit of sickness,disease and death. Father we pray the blessings of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob upon your son Mark. We command the forces of darkness to be gone in Jesus name.