Sangre de Christo

Sangre de Christo

Cuerpo de Christo! Sangre de Christo! During the homily yesterday, the presider spoke of the triple aftershocks of Easter: Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, and the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ. It’s an apt description of the powerful feasts that end the Easter season, honoring the Spirit, the Trinity, and Christ present in the Eucharist.

Being able to receive the bread and wine at Communion has been a great privilege in these post-Vatican II years. As such, I have felt a real loss in recent years as more and more parishes choose not to offer Communion under both species. There are reasons: receiving under both species should be reserved for privileged times, fear of spreading germs, lack of eucharistic ministers. Even so, it seems a step back for the Church in moving away from this awesome gift of full participation in Eucharist, in fully being at table with Jesus in his body and in his blood.

Christ present in our world, made manifest through what we eat and drink at the eucharistic table—what could be more persuasive of the Spirit of God alive in us through the gifts that nourish us at this spiritual banquet?

Franciscan Media offers a number of excellent resources on the Eucharist, including two audiobooks: Our One Great Act of Fidelity: Waiting for Christ in the Eucharist, by Rev. Ron Rolheiser, and Eucharist, by Father Robert Barron. Each of these offers an in-depth look at this most central of sacraments in the life of a Catholic. There is much to learn as we grow in our love for the Real Presence, Christ alive in us, and each of these audiobooks will bring you closer to a better understanding of this central teaching of the Catholic faith.

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