Power of Godly Song

Power of Godly Song

We can each probably think of songs that transport us to a different place and time. My husband and I listen to a morning radio show that features a “Hot Tub Time Machine.” They play audio clips from newscasts, commercials, and songs from a year in the past and ask listeners to guess the year. It’s often the song that helps me make a decent guess.

Recently when I’m in the car, at home, or in my office, I’ve been listening to Christian contemporary music stations. As things in my life became more challenging in the past few years, I recognized the need for something to help me retain my focus on what really matters and to keep my mind on the positive. I’ve found that “something” in the songs of Christian radio.

Christian music provides an uplifting background to my everyday. It’s usually a contemporary Christian song that’s running through my mind as I wake in the morning and move through my day. This “positive and encouraging” music helps bump up my score on the positive-mindset meter and helps me remain hopeful when situations are out of my control or not going as I judge they should. These songs keep my feet firmly planted on my foundation of faith, confident of God’s love, forgiveness, and faithfulness. It helps me get a bit closer to being the joyful Christian I seek to become.

Do you listen to inspirational music—on the radio, an mp3 player, or CD? Who are your favorite recording artists? What songs are most meaningful to you? Do you know of a Christian radio station in your area? I listen to both Star 93.3 FM in Cincinnati and K-Love, which is broadcast on hundreds of stations across the US. I’m going to download K-Love’s mobile app so it will be easy to find my music when traveling this summer. I invite you to join me—not on my travels, but as a Christian music listener! Give it a try. I hope it does for you what it does for me!

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Joan McKamey works for Liguori Publications.