My Kind of Father’s Day

My Kind of Father’s Day

Since I’ve been a dad, I have looked at Father’s Day a bit differently. Although it’s always nice to be treated to the praise and gratitude of one’s children, along with the gifts (neckties included) and expressions of love, none of those things really hits the mark for me. It’s not about me, what I get, or the typical gifts that all too readily wind up in the back of the closet or the donation bag.

The greatest gift any dad can receive is the knowledge that his children are living well. That gift is not given one special day in June, but every day. Every time my kids share in worship at church, every time I hear of their successes or failures—and the lessons learned for the future—I receive that gift.

What Scott Hahn says in our audiobook A Father Who Keeps His Promises: God’s Covenant Love in Scripture can help all dads show love for their childen. Popular writer and presenter Matthew Kelly was interviewed by Christopher Heffron regarding “On Faith and Fatherhood.”

The greatest gift any child can give to a father is evidence of life lived well. Not perfectly, mind you, but simply a life lived in a generous spirit, with faith and with love: building a life filled with hope and promise. That’s what I look forward to waking up to this Father’s Day.

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