Gun Control: A Personal Life Issue

Gun Control: A Personal Life Issue

Three nights ago, a pizza parlor owner was killed with a gun during a robbery in my neighborhood. This husband, and father of three small children, was building a unique business for himself. I was a loyal customer and fan of his unique pizzas. The shock and anger I feel as I type this has not subsided since I learned about it on Sunday morning, Father’s Day.


Flowers to remember killed pizza parlor owner.

The news was added to the Weekend Gun Report. Read through all of them to find Rich Evans’ killing.

The editorial in St. Anthony Messenger magazine this month reminds me that the gun control issue needs to be solved. No matter how I look at the situation, gun control is a life issue that concerns this Catholic. Why? Because a business owner, husband and father of three young children was killed by a man with easy access to a gun. Five lives are forever changed by gun violence. No, six. Mine.

(For those who are interested, a fund has been set up for the family here.)



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Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • mrsL

    Do we know whether or not the murderer obtained his gun legally? So sorry to hear of the death of this husband and father. My son worked in a pizza shop for two years and I was always worried about his wellbeing!