What does the word discipleship conjure up for you? Persons dressed in Middle Eastern, flowing garb with inquisitive looks on their faces? They follow Jesus and listen to his every word. They are amazed at his teaching and actions, as well as what they have become since deciding to follow him. In other words: people a bit distanced from modern culture and society.

In fact, discipleship is not the occupation of saints in days gone by; instead, it is the calling to every believer today. We are called to be the ones sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to his word, putting those words into practice, and sharing that word with others. Discipleship is not the occupation of women and men long dead or a current call reserved to priests or people whom we consider “holy.”

It’s our call—yours and mine—to live in relationship with Jesus, placing each day, each event, each moment before him, and allowing him to transform our lives and our world.

We’ve dedicated our entire year of American Catholic Radio programming to discipleship. Through a unique collaboration with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Catholic Communication Campaign, we are amplifying the voices of our bishops, experts in the field and ordinary folks who are responding to the call to discipleship in simple yet effective ways. You can listen to 3-5 minute podcast interviews produced for the Catholic Communication Campaign, or to entire half-hour radio programs. They’ll jump-start your faith life, challenge you, and encourage you to go deeper in your response as a disciple. Check out our rundown of programs below and be sure to listen each week. Let us know how we are doing in  helping you be a disciple today.

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