The Power of Kindness

The Power of Kindness

Be kind.

It sounds simple enough, but the impact of it can be so overlooked.

Really, that’s all it takes. Just be kind. Be friendly, generous, compassionate. See the people you encounter as gifts in your day, and be kind to them.

Last week a friend sent me a link to a blog post that reminded me of this basic truth and caused me to think of my own life and the small acts of kindness that have changed it. Within seconds, I easily recalled dozens of instances when a co-worker, a boss, a stranger, a friend, or a friend-to-be made a lasting impression on my life by just being kind.

Karen took an interest in me and introduced me to her friend when I felt awkward. Rob invited me to join a fantasy football league right after I started a new job. Chuck took me to lunch and genuinely wanted to hear about my family. Amie and Adrea and Dave welcomed me into their running group when a close friend moved away.

None of these people did something spectacular, per se. Each just did something that, to him or her, seemed to come naturally. They reached out and included me when they absolutely did not have to do so, and I’ll never forget it.

I can almost guarantee they wouldn’t describe it this way, but in those moments, they brought to me the light of Christ, simply by being kind.

Who has touched your life this way? Whose lives have you touched?

The smallest act can have an impact much larger than you can imagine.






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