How Much Do YOU Know about Mary?

How Much Do YOU Know about Mary?

May is a particularly appropriate month for learning more about Mary. Yesterday afternoon, I had the opportunity to hear Chris Padgett speak about Mary, the Mother of God. Despite being a lifelong Catholic, I feel like there are many things I know about Mary, but can’t really explain to anyone. This presentation from Chris helped to clarify and explain some basic beliefs about Mary, and also answered some intriguing questions.

The event began with Chris discussing four things about the Blessed Mother, as a way to not only unfold the Church and her dogmatic teachings about Mary, but also to show how we can be the saints God is calling us to be. He discussed Mary as Theotokos, or the God-bearer; Mary as ever-virgin, and the willingness of Our Lady to serve God body and soul; Mary as immaculately conceived and the mediation she participates in, with, and under her Son; and that Mary is Assumed into Heaven and advocates on our behalf.

Chris later answered questions from the online audience, including:Chris-Padgett

How do you explain to your kids that Mary is the Mother of God?

Mary was born with out original sin, but was she or was she not sinless throughout the rest of her life?

When did Catholics start believing in the Assumption of Mary, and how did that come about?

Could Mary be an angel?

If you’d like to see Chris’ presentation (or find out the answers to the questions above), visit to register and view the archived event. The total length of the presentation and questions is about 45 minutes, so maybe grab your lunch and give yourself a little time to learn about Mary this week. You’ll be glad you did!


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