Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

This weekend while straightening up my porch, I noticed my front door wreath was crooked. When I removed the wreath to rehang it, I didn’t realize there was a small bird nest built deep inside the wreath. When I repositioned the wreath, three tiny eggs fell to the ground and broke.

I had no idea the eggs were in the wreath because I rarely use my front door! I stood there fighting back tears, completely heartbroken!  What was the poor mama bird going to do when she returned to her nest and discovered her babies were gone?

The loss of those tiny eggs was on my mind all weekend. How can this be a part of God’s plan?

A few days later,  I spent the day at a heavily wooded park with my family. I really enjoyed my time outdoors, cool, crisp weather with peeks of sunshine on our faces–a perfect spring day. Most surprising were the birds–cardinals, blue jays, ducks, and sparrows were in abundance. The most unique bird was a blue heron flying overhead in all of its glory.

Maybe this IS God’s plan. I never would have noticed the abundance of birds on such a busy day with my kids before. God lifted my veil of self-involvement and gave me a glorious day to enjoy his creatures and make me aware of the beauty that He gives to all of us.

Every day I am amazed at God’s grace; he never lets me down.

Photo Credit:  Wikipedia Commons/William H. Majoros


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