Ready to Soar

Ready to Soar

There’s an osprey nest across the street from our house, high up on a utility pole. First there was an osprey couple (I learned that ospreys mate for life), and now there is an osprey family. There’s just one baby, but it’s been fun to watch its progress and growth. This week we can observe it flapping its wings, and I think soon it will be ready to fly. I’ve read that the first attempts are awkward, but sooner or later, it spreads its wings and flies.

Maybe the young osprey is scared at the very thought of leaving the nest. His parents bring him fish to eat and encircle him with safety. Maybe, though, the young osprey is feeling constrained by the nest, wishing for freedom but afraid to leave its security. But no matter how the bird might be feeling, there will come a time when it has to take the risk and learn to fly. To do what it was meant to do: soar!

Unlike an osprey, we humans can choose not to soar. We can choose to stay in a place that’s confining but comfortable. Are there areas in your life where you feel the tug of something new but want to cling to the safety of what you know? I know there are in mine. Watching the little osprey family across the street, I’m inspired to look at my own challenges—and choose to soar, not sink!

How about you?


About the Author

Claudia Volkman is a director of product development for Servant Books. She and her husband, Scott, live in Florida, where she enjoys walking, knitting, and spending time with her Corgis.