Psalm 29

Psalm 29

The psalmist praises the God of Israel as king of the universe. God is pictured in his heavenly court. He is surrounded by “sons of God” or “heavenly beings.” Some think that this is an adaptation of a hymn to the Canaanite god Baal. We might think of angels.

The heavenly court praises God’s glory and might, God’s holy splendor. God’s voice is like thunderclaps as a storm rushes over the land. Cedars crash and splinter. Mountains leap like bulls. Mighty oaks twist and fall to pieces. All in God’s court cry “Glory.”

God himself sits serenely above the storm and swirling waters as king forever. God shares his power with his people and blesses them with peace.

As we pray this psalm, we might feel something of the power of God invading our lives and shaking us out of our complacency. But God’s purpose is to rescue us from our delusions and bring us to peace with God and ourselves.

Photo: Mele Avery


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Hilarion Kistner, O.F.M., after ordination in 1955, did further studies in Scripture. He taught Scripture to seminarians for 15 years. He has been editor of Sunday Homily Helps for more than 25 years.