On American Catholic Radio

On American Catholic Radio

With the election of a new pope, these are exciting times for our Church community around the world. Make no mistake: our new pontiff has much to do and will certainly need our prayers. 

A little closer to home, we here at Franciscan Media are doing our level best to promote the good work being attempted by our U.S. bishops. As you may know, American Catholic Radio has added a new tag line to its name; Disciples Called to Witness. We are featuring a different bishop each week, giving insight and wisdom into the nurturing of disciples in our parish communities and the engagement of the ministry and work collectively known as the New Evangelization. 

Inspired by the document released in 2012 by our American bishops under the same name, we hope to help stoke the flame of the new evangelization across this country—and the world for that matter. Check out the coming shows profiled below and let us know how we’re doing. We love to hear from you.

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