And Now, the Conclave

And Now, the Conclave

We heard the announcement late this morning, eastern time, that the date for the papal conclave is set: Tuesday, March 12. We’ve all been guessing this date since Pope Benedict XVI resigned. The next guessing game is when will we have a new pope? Based on the last few, we should have a pope by the end of next week. But anything could happen: there are, after all, plenty of things to consider, and there is no obvious candidate.

Sure there are what our media call “frontrunners,” but really, no one is running for anything at the end of the day. It’s not American politics here, even if there might be a bit of subtle “positioning” happening during the meetings of cardinals between now and next week. In truth, the cardinals are getting to know each other, hear the problems of the Church worldwide, and get a sense of who might  be the best man to lead the Church in the coming years.

Our April issue of St. Anthony Messenger is at the printer now, with a very nice cover story on Pope Benedict, written by our Franciscan Editor, Pat McCloskey, OFM. Short of a major, unexpected delay in the election, our new pope will grace our May cover, along with a story that Assistant Editor Christopher Heffron rifles into production when the announcement, “Habemus Papam!” (“We have a Pope!”)  is made and the crowds begin to cheer.

CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano


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  • Amfortas

    It is an exciting time as a Catholic with the new Pope being chosen.
    What I am most curious about is an ongoing investigation regarding some
    bones found in an Opus Dei Crypt. Apparently an anonymous informant led
    investigators to this crypt where allegedly the bones of Magliana Crime
    Boss Enrico Di Pedis were buried along the missing kidnapped girl,
    Emanuela Orlandi. This past May the bones were sent for DNA analysis. I
    was wondering if there was a contingency in place if there is a future
    scandal involving the DNA results. I only ask this because some of the
    candidates at the Conclave are part of the Prelature involved.