A Living Franciscan Media Legend

A Living Franciscan Media Legend

One wonderful thing about working at Franciscan Media is the history, and the longtime connection our customers feel to products such as St. Anthony Messenger magazine.

For years, teleministry has been at the heart of “SAM,” as we call it internally, and its continued success. And the true legend of that teleministry is Dominic Lococo, OFM, who started selling magazines by phone in 1973.

“On a given month I call about 150 people,” Brother Dom told Toni Cashnelli, communications director for the Province of St. John the Baptist. “It’s easy calling renewals; I lose very few.”

If repeated phone calls don’t work, “Then I write a letter to them. I get about an 80 percent return on those.” As a personal touch, Brother Dom sends a photo of himself with a statue of St. Francis.

“Brother Snake”

He’s had great success as a salesman, but Brother Dom’s first job as a friar was very different.

“When I first entered, I didn’t know what I was gonna do,” Brother Dom told Cashnelli. “I made sandals with Jim Van Vurst” in the little shed behind the St. Anthony Shrine in Cincinnati’s Mount Airy neighborhood.

The shed wasn’t so bad, except for one thing: black snakes occasionally paid visits! Ever the good Franciscan, Brother Dom says simply that he learned to live with the reptilian intruders.

We here at the Messenger are so blessed to have Brother Dom as an advocate and representative of our magazine!


 Photo: Brother Dom at his St. Anthony Messenger desk in 1984.


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Jennifer Scroggins works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.